1. Am at Hereford Arts Market next Saturday 9 June, and Stratford Waterside market Sunday 10 June. Then I’m giving a talk about how THIS IS BIRMINGHAM happened, to Hall Green Art Society on Wednesday 13th, and to the Botanical Gardens Perennials on Monday 18th. Plus my prints are on show at a private exhibition in Solihull on 14-16 weekend (get in touch if you’d like an invite) and I’m selling them in a summerhouse in Chantry Road during Moseley Open Gardens on Sunday 17th.

    And in between I’m moving house. Oof!

    In the 1930s James Boswell did a set of stunning lithographs on the theme of The Fall of London, using familiar landmarks as backdrops, to inspire hatred of fascism. Today humanity itself needs re-inspiring; so artists need to do something else. But Boswell’s pictures are so wonderful (and I’ve recently discovered him) that I’m breaking my rule of avoiding gloomy images just to show you. And also to show you how beautifully Boswell drew everyday life in London just after the war.